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Our company production is based in Ethiopia where we employ several women in our factory to produce our amazing products. Our products are hand made in our echo friendly factory with 0% toxic waste. With over 100 working women, we were able to provide a constant lively hood to all of our employees. Our working stuff is entirely composed of women who use to have no jobs and was unable to support both themselves and their families. The women were in poverty some even on the streets training to make it through the day, until we had provided them with basic needs and job training to make a living.

Among our several success stories we Yeshihareg standout the most, a women who grew up with no parents on the streets of Addis Ababa with no means to satisfy her basic needs living on the mercy of the residents of the city. With little to non formal education she applied to one of our aid programs about three years ago. She was given a home, clothing and constant meal till the complied our leather crafts training courses and afterward was given a job at our production floor. After a two years of work experience she grew to be one of our lead designers but she hasn't stopped there, she went on to establish her own local women leather shoe production company; now generating enough revenue to support her newly established family and her new home. Yeshiharege is not the only one, we have plenty more ambitions women like working with us

We were able to gather hundreds of them and provide the proper training to start manufacturing leather products, after their training they are given a payed job in our main production floor allowing them to earn constant monthly wages more than enough to support both their families and themselves. We also provide medical treatment care during maternity.We have grown our sales to Europe and North America allowing us to raise both the size and capacity of our stuff which is over 90% female. We always strive to empower 3rd world women

By buying one of our products you are supporting one Ethiopian women earn her wages. This is not only a site where you buy products its a place where you have the ability to change a persons life. So dig in and take a pick we would take care of the rest.


Hand Made by our skilled crafts women and made using purest raw materials right from the source and processed in an our echo friendly factory with no toxic waste makes our products stand out.

By on product form our company you are not only owning an amazing product you are also helping hundreds of Ethiopian women who were out of job and now have a place to work and earn fair wedges for their work.

Gelila leather products are hand made and processed in factory where carbon and toxic release is zero and are made by women who use to be jobless and couldn't support themselves and their families but are now trained and work at our company and paid a constant salary.

yes, we have an extended return policy allowing our customers to get the best out of our products.

Yes, we can delivery your orderd products with in 4 to 5 days after your placed you order.

Please call one of the numbers located at the top of our website or mail us through our contact us page member of our sales team will contact you right away.


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